Regular Walking and pet care Visit Hours:

Monday-Friday, 8am - 6:30pm

Weekday Early Morning or After Hours walks, Puppy visits or Cat visits: 

Before 8am or After 6:30pm. + $10 fee applies to standard rate.

Weekend Walks and Puppy Visits: 

+ $10 applies to standard rate. Based on availability and with advanced scheduling. Please try to submit weekend requests 3-4 days prior to the weekend. 

Holiday Walking and Pet Care Visits:

All Holiday Care is based on availability and requests for service must be made in advance. + 1.5x standard rate applies to all holiday services.

All regular services are suspended for the following holidays:

New Years Day, Memorial Day Weekend, Fourth of July, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Holiday (Thursday-Sunday), Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve.





1. What is your cancelation policy?

For Cancelation of Individual Dog Walks and Puppy Visits:

  Unless due to an emergency, we ask that you cancel your dog walk no later than 8PM the evening before we are scheduled to visit. Day of cancellations will be charged the full walk rate. 

For Cancelation of 5+ Days of Regularly Scheduled Dog Walks and Puppy Visits:

We understand that everyone needs some time off and that family vacations are a big part of life--especially in the summer and around the holidays. But we ask that when you need to suspend any regularly scheduled walks or puppy care, you give us at least 2 weeks notice. The following fees apply to cancelled walks and puppy care:

+2 weeks before: No charge

-14 days: 20% charge of regularly scheduled walks/puppy visits

 -9 days: 50% of regularly scheduled walks/puppy visits

-4 days: 100% of regularly scheduled walks/puppy visits

For Boarding, Pet Sitting and Cat Visits:

  Since all boarding and pet sitting services are paid for in full at time of booking, our cancellation policy is as follows: 

+7 days before scheduled start - 90% refund 

6-3 days before scheduled start - 50% refund

2-0 days before scheduled start - no refund

2. Do YOU Cancel walks or booked pet care?

Nope! We pride ourselves on always being available to you and your pet. Unless the weather or a city wide emergency shuts down public transportation we will be there!

3. Will my dog be walked in bad weather?

You Bet! Dogs have to go out regardless of the weather. We may have to shorten walks for the safety of both dogs and humans but lost time will always be made up. 

4. Can I have the same walker/pet care pro every time i book?

We do our best to make sure you have the same wonderful pet care pro every time but sickness and vacations happen (hopefully NOT in that order!). Our team is made up of wonderful professionals who work seamlessly in all sub situations and we guarantee that you and your pet will end up thinking of us all as part of your pack! It's our policy that all of our customers are ALWAYS covered.

5. How do I book a meet and greet?

Go to our Contact Us page and fill out our short contact form, or you can email/call us directly anytime! Once we have an idea of what services you are looking for, we will arrange a time to come by to meet you and your pet

6. How do I schedule pet care once we've had a meet and greet?

For Customers Who Wish To Manage Their Pet Care Online Or Via Mobile: 

We have our own scheduling software which makes it possible for you to book services online and through the mobile app. Once we have completed our meet and greet and you are ready to book with us, we will email you a "new customer login link" to the Perfect Pooch NYC's online portal. Here you can set up an account with your preferred email and password. Once your account is activated you can enter your pet's basic details and request to book any service that our company offers. And of course you can give us a call anytime and we can walk you through the activation process.

For Customers Who Prefer To Book Via Phone or Email: 

You can call or email us anytime. We love hearing from all our wonderful customers!


7.How do I pay for pet care services?

Currently we take cash, check, Venmo and Zelle transfers (credit card payment option coming soon!) for all services. Boarding, Overnight Pet Sitting and Cat Visits must be paid in full at the time of booking. Dog Walks and Puppy Visits are typically invoiced and paid on a weekly basis.


8.Can I schedule last minute dog walks?

We are almost always able to accommodate last minute weekday dog walks for our existing customers. Weekend walks cannot be guaranteed but we will do our upmost to accommodate your requests. 

9. Will you take my dog off leash?

We love taking advantage of the off leash time in Central Park every morning. We are happy to allow your dog off leash once we have established a good relationship and deemed his/her recall skills up to our standards. We are also happy to take groups of 3 or fewer dogs to surrounding runs provided all dogs are appropriately socialized and we have the time.

10. Do you offer dog walking services near me? What is your service area?

We service select areas of both the Upper East and West Sides of Manhattan. View our map for a detailed look. If you live outside our area, please give us a call because we may still be able to help!

11. Are you bonded and insured? 

You bet! All our pros are bonded and insured through PET CARE INSURANCE for you and your pet’s protection.


Is There anything we Haven't covered? shoot us an email or give us a call and we will happily answer any other questions you might have!